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    When you need a professional and friendly face for your next CT, ultrasound or x-ray, you can’t go past the team at Xplore Radiology Leeton. From the friendly reception staff that first greet you, through to your experienced radiographers and sonographers, you’ll receive a quality service throughout your whole procedure.

    Are you pregnant and looking for a radiology team to get the best results for your ultrasounds? Xplore Radiology specialise in pregnancy ultrasounds including the Nuchal Translucency Scan conducted around 12 weeks into your pregnancy. We can also conduct early pregnancy dating scans, as well as your 20 week scan and other additional ultrasounds your referring doctor may require.

    Looking forward to your pregnancy ultrasounds but not sure what to expect? Each ultrasound will usually take between 30 – 60 minutes to complete, as each one requires a number of measurements to be taken and angles to be seen. Of course, this depends on your baby – some are cooperative and like to get it over and done with while we might catch others snoozing. When you call to book your ultrasound, our friendly reception team will let you know any requirements surrounding your scan.

    We don’t just do pregnancy ultrasounds here at Xplore Radiology Leeton. Our sonographers provide ultrasounds for a whole range of reasons including injuries and further diagnostics. Most examinations will take approximately 30 minutes, but this will depend on the area being scanned and the requirements of your referring doctor.

    Has your doctor referred you for an X-Ray? This imaging procedure shows various regions of the body, as requested by your doctor, and can show up injuries, as well as being used for other diagnostic services. X-Rays are safe for most people, however if you are pregnant, we do request that you inform our team members when booking.

    X-Rays are rather quick to perform, often in the range of 15 minutes, and your referring doctor should have your results within 24 hours, if not on the same day. We recommend booking an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible to obtain your results.

    Looking for a reputable and experienced radiologist to undertake CT scans? Our friendly team performs thousands of these scans each year and have the knowledge to ensure your scan images are done correctly and efficiently, saving you time waiting around. You won’t need to spend hours waiting around – we’ll have your scan completed as quickly as possible, with results sent directly to your doctor or specialist.

    At Xplore Radiology Leeton, we also provide a range of other radiology services including Bone Mineral Densitometry and Dental Scans (OPG). We always have your health and wellbeing in mind, and you can expect a friendly, professional and timely service.

    To find out our operating hours or to book your radiology appointment, visit or call 02 6953 4644

    Xplore Radiology has been servicing Leeton and its surrounding areas since 2005.

    79A Kurrajong Avenue Leeton, NSW, 2705

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    Xplore Radiology aims to bring first class medical imaging service to traditionally underservered areas.