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    Medical Imaging Clinic Leppington

    Xplore Radiology is the first point of call for those needing CT, ultrasounds and x-rays in Leppington.

    The professional team at Xplore Radiology perform thousands of x-rays each year for injuries, or other abnormalities your general practitioner has requested further clarification on. An x-ray is an image of the structures of the body using radiation similar to visible light, and radiowaves. This practise is used to diagnose a range of medical issues.

    On the day you visit, your experienced medical imaging technologist will talk with you about your x-ray, and explain what needs to happen. They will then conduct the x-ray and results will be sent to your doctor, generally on the same day.

    At Xplore Radiology Leppington, we encourage you to make an appointment with your doctor once results have been received to allow for the timely treatment of any issues found on the x-ray.

    Our team of radiologists do much more than x-rays in Leppington. We also provide a range of ultrasound services to patients for pregnancy and to diagnose any injuries or issues with various organs.

    If you’ve never had an ultrasound before it is certainly an interesting procedure where high-frequency sound waves bounce off the structures of your body. These reflected waves are sent to a computer where a picture is created, and your radiologist can capture what they need to.

    For parents to be, our pregnancy ultrasounds provide all the checks you need for your pregnancy as well as giving you the opportunity to see your little bundle. Your doctor will refer you to our practice for your scans when they are due, and our experienced team will conduct the scans with minimal discomfort for the mother. Results are sent to your doctor within 24 – 48 hours, and we recommend booking in for your follow up with your GP once they have the results.

    It’s really important to give our Leppington practice a call to book your ultrasound so that we can run you through any requirements prior to your scan.

    Our experienced team also performs thousands of CT scans each year to residents in Leppington and surrounds. These scans allow your doctor a look inside your body, helping to identify cysts, infections and any other issues on the chest and in the organs. Wondering what happens during a CT scan? Your radiographer will provide you with some instructions on the day, take the images and then check to ensure they have appropriate images to send to your doctor. The time you’ll be here for your CT scan can vary from 5 minutes through to an hour.

    At Xplore Radiology Leppington, we provide a range of radiography services including CT Scans, X-Rays and Ultrasounds. When you next need radiology services in Leppington, book with the friendly and professional team at Xplore Radiology.

    To find out our operating hours or to book your radiology appointment, visit or call 02 8073 7834

    5 Emerald Hills Boulevard Leppington, NSW, 2179

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    Xplore Radiology aims to bring first class medical imaging service to traditionally underservered areas.