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    Radiology Imaging Solutions In Narellan

    After a local X-Ray centre that treats you like more than just a number? The friendly and professional team at Xplore Radiology Narellan take your health seriously, and will treat you with experience and calm.

    X-Rays are a common procedure here at Xplore Radiology, which means as soon as you walk through the door, you are in safe hands. We’ll even have you back to enjoying your day quickly, with most X-Rays only taking approximately 15 minutes, depending on the information your doctor is after.

    Why has your doctor referred you for an X-Ray at Xplore Radiology Narellan? X-Rays are used as a diagnostic tool to show abnormalities that you can’t see from outside the body. These abnormalities might be a suspected broken or fractured bone, or any number of possibilities. This procedure is quick, easy and safe for almost everyone (we do request that you advise us if you are pregnant or think you may be beforehand).

    Having your X-Ray done at our Narellan clinic is easy – call our clinic or book online. Then you just need to turn up around 10 minutes early. With most X-Rays there are no special instructions to follow previously, and if there are, our team will advise you so that you can be prepared. We do however recommend that you bring any previous X-Rays with you that relate to your current condition.

    Your referring doctor will receive your X-Rays generally within the same day, but we do recommend that you check they have been received before making an appointment to follow up.

    At Xplore Radiology Narellan we also offer a range of other radiology services including standard Ultrasounds and pregnancy related ultrasounds. These procedures are done by our experienced and professional sonographers so you know you’re in the best hands in Narellan. Depending on the type of ultrasound you are having, you can expect it to take between 30 – 60 minutes, and results are returned to your doctor within 24-48 hours.

    Are you booking your pregnancy ultrasounds? Make sure to let us know as there are some requirements you will need to meet for each scan. If you are having your Nuchal Translucency scan done at Xplore Radiology in Narellan, it is recommended that you have your blood test done at least a week before your ultrasound to minimise any delays in getting results back to your doctor.

    On top of X-Rays and Ultrasounds, the team at Xplore Radiology provide a range of other radiology services including CT Scans, CTCA scans and Mammograms. Our CT scans are performed by our experienced radiologists who will ensure your doctor or specialist receives quality images and accurate reports, while ensuring you don’t spend hours waiting around. If you require any pre-treatment for your CT scan, our friendly reception team will let you know when booking.

    To find out our operating hours or to book your radiology appointment, visit or call 02 4648 4415

    Xplore Radiology has been servicing Narellan and its surrounding areas since 2012. Bulk billing available.

    30 Queen Street Narellan, NSW, 2567

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    Xplore Radiology aims to bring first class medical imaging service to traditionally underservered areas.